The Webb City School District is fortunate to have a Counseling Program where all children have the opportunity to enhance the skills necessary to help them become responsible, successful learners. Our counseling curriculum is based on the Missouri Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program. The curriculum is designed to help students acquire age-appropriate knowledge and skills within the following content areas:
-Personal and Social Development: self-awareness, personal safety,
decision-making, social skills, &
conflict resolution

-Academic Development: listening skills, following directions,
organizational skills, & test-taking skills

-Career Development: community jobs, working together, & school and
work skills

The focus of the counseling program is to help build a supportive and caring environment so that students will achieve academic and personal success. During the first quarter of this school year, students will have the opportunity to learn more about listening skills, various social skills, and ways to serve and help others. Our school will be participating in Red Ribbon Week October 30th-November 3rd. The focus of this program is to encourage students to live a healthy and drug-free life. On the elementary level we will focus on the aspects of health and safety.
As the school counselor, I am available to help parents and teachers understand the developmental growth stages of children, as well as to work with students during classroom lessons, small groups and individually. Students may self-refer or be referred by teachers, parents or other school personnel. Full implementation of the counseling curriculum is achieved through a partnership between the counselor, other staff members and parents. This partnership helps to foster students’ sense of empowerment and self-determination. By addressing the intellectual and emotional needs of students, it is our hope that each child will have a rewarding school experience.
If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year please do not hesitate to contact me.

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